The Challenge

A cantilevered viewing platform at Johnston Canyon required restoration due to wear and tear resulting from the high volume of visitors frequenting the waterfall site.


Our Approach

  • Structural Evaluation: A comprehensive assessment informed our restoration strategy, ensuring accuracy in our approach.
  • Jacking and Bracing: The platform was propped up the structure using an engineered jacking plan, employing specialized jacks and temporary bracing to ensure precise stability and safety throughout the project.
  • Foundation Work: The deteriorated concrete foundation was removed and replaced with a high-strength counterpart, adhering strictly to industry standards.
  • Structural Enhancement: Steel supports were added to enhance load-bearing capacity, ensure longevity.


  • Done throughout the winter season, ensuring high spec concrete and grout was cured at appropriate temperatures

  • Utilized helicopter for material transport, minimizing ground disturbance

  • We built a friendly rapport with the ice climbers in the canyon, ensuring their access was clear and sharing some hot coffee from our worksite!

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