Project Details:

Our task was to extend the guardrail at the upper falls viewing area in Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park. This involved drilling over 300 footings for the high-strength steel (HSS) posts and installing more than 1 kilometer of railing. This ensured a sturdy and reliable guardrail for years to come.


Innovative Logistics:

To minimize disruption to the surrounding environment, all materials, were flown into the project site by helicopter.

Caring for the Environment:

We were dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Banff National Park. This meant following strict environmental guidelines, managing waste responsibly, and implementing erosion control measures. Our goal was to leave no lasting mark on this cherished landscape.


Dealing with High Traffic:

Johnston Canyon is known for its popularity, making it one of the busiest trails in Banff National Park. Our team coordinated operations to ensure the project moved forward smoothly, with minimal disruption to visitors.

  • Extended HSS guardrail to upper falls viewing area in Johnston Canyon

  • Utilized helicopter for material transport, minimizing ground disturbance

  • Successfully completed project while keeping the lower section of the Johnston Canyon trail open for Parks Canada

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