• The Robson team undertook the complex task of installing a bridge on the Berg Lake Trail, situated at the renowned site of Mount Robson Park. The existing suspension bridge and the Whitehorn site had incurred damage during a flood event in June 2021.
  • The bridge site, situated 11km into the Berg Lake Trail, was accessed either by helicopter or through hiking. Spanning 33m over the Robson River, the bridge consisted of 16 separate girders, each weighing over 2500lbs. Along with all materials, equipment and camp gear to be transported by helicopter to complete the project.Before installing the new bridge, the exisitng suspension bridge was demolished and airlifted out, while foundations and footings were carefully installed. Meticulous rigging, and appropriate selection of a heavy-lift helicopter (Super Puma) transported the bridge sections to the site.To position the bridge sections over the river, the team erected a skyline system, ensuring the safe transportation of the pieces from one end to the other. Upon securing the girders in place and bolting them up, the team proceeded to install the grated decking, railings, and dirt approaches.

    This project stands out as one of the most technically challenging endeavors undertaken by our team.


  • Bridge site: 11km into Berg Lake Trail, accessed by helicopter or hiking.

  • Bridge details: Spanned 33m over Robson River, comprised 16 girders (each >2500lbs).

  • Bridge transport: SuperPuma helicopter used to transport bridg sections.

  • Installation process: Skyline system erected for safe transportation, girders secured, bolted, and decking, railings, and dirt approaches installed.

  • Project significance: Stands out as one of the most technically challenging endeavors undertaken by the team.

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