Valemount Bike Park

Where we started out! The Valemount Bike Park is the fastest growing community bike park in B.C. Robson has been involved with the project through all phases of development, from feasibility to planning to construction. We take pride in projects like these as this park has become a great amenity for the small community of Valemount.


Robson has been refining skills in dirt works, bridges and technical features which have included the use of rock anchoring, rock armouring, extensive ditching and drainage, environmental remediation and road maintenance. Robson has been developing trails in the bike park for the past 6 years, building over 40km of both machine and hand built trails, including a climbing trail, all levels of flow, single track, technical, and trail hybrids.

  • Robson founder Andreas was the pioneer & visionary of the bike park

  • We've been one of the primary contractors for the past 5 years

  • Robson has constructed over 40kms of the bike park's network

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