Akamina Park Cleanup and Bridge Replacements

The Kenow Fire of 2017 destroyed the majority of infrastructure in Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park. Robson was contracted to replace eight of the timber footbridges as well remediate the existing trail network, assess and fall all danger trees in the park and install new signage and trail markers. The span of the timber bridges varied in span from five to ten meters.

Akamina Park is 10,921.5 hectares, our crew had a lot of ground to cover for the cleanup aspect of the project. We collected all debris from the fire and flew it out of the park. The flights into site contained the 8 bridges varying in length from 5-10.5 meters.

  • The Kenow Fire of 2017 destroyed the park's trails

  • Robson was contracted rebuild the complete network of trails